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Second Ukrainian RepRapUA 3D printing festival

On March 25, the Ukrainian Maker Association (UMA) will organize the second RepRapUA festival in Kyiv. Engineers, enthusiasts and professionals are ready to share ideas and strategies on applying 3D printing for business development, science, rapid prototyping, prosthetics, education, advancing women in tech, everyday life, as well as social and professional adaptations for veterans and temporarily displaced persons.

The festival aims to introduce professionals and beginners, large companies and small workshops to each other. In total, about 60 exhibitors and speakers will take part in the festival. Over the course of the event, it will be possible to compare innovative and proprietary technologies and materials for printing. The festival will be held in a “show & tell” format, which offers a lot of communication.

According to the founder of the festival Yuri Vlasyuk, over the past 5 years, 3D printing technologies have already become a common part of prototyping and production, continuously opening up new opportunities for high-tech and traditional industries. Therefore, now is the time to share what is happening in the Ukrainian community. Since the first RepRapUA festival in 2019, the number of players, new technologies and materials has grown. Today the community meet new challenges in the face of a large-scale invasion. The festival must happen to speed up innovation in wartime.

“We are seeing an increase in demand for the use of more advanced technologies and materials in areas such as defence projects, prosthetics, rapid prototyping, and many manufacturers have already begun to adopt new approaches to gain a competitive advantage”, – Vlasyuk says.

Maria Tomilenko, co-organizer of RepRapUA festival: “We are going to introduce the Ukrainian chapter of Women in 3D printing at the festival to add our effort for closing the gender gap in additive technologies. As an additive manufacturing student, I was surprised not to find the Ukrainian branch of the organization on the Women in 3D printing website. We are going to fix this”.

The festival is organized by the Ukrainian Maker Association, with the support of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Fab Lab MiRONAFT, which are developing the engineering movement in Ukraine.

The event is child-friendly and recommended for high school students.

Visitors’ participation in the festival is free of charge, but registration is required. Opening hours: March 25, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. More information.

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