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SENTINEL: Smart 3D Printer Filament Detector and Cleaner

Dyze Design is really pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will allow the public to meet SENTINEL: the smartest filament detector and cleaner for 3D printers. With SENTINEL, the days of prints failed due to a lack of filament or dust on the filament are over.

“SENTINEL was designed to target one specific problem: with printers now being able to run for hours without any sort of mechanical hitch, it has become increasingly easy to simply start a print and come back sometime later to pick up the finished product. However, more than a few user came back to a job completed and an unfinished object due to lack of raw materials. Thereby, we wanted to develop a solution that was really simple and affordable, yet slick and functional”, says Philippe Carrier, Dyze Design’s Chief Research Officer.

The filament SENTINEL has a rugged metal casing and cover, both with a black finish that’s characteristic of Dyze Design’s products. Under the cover, a simple circuit board with a light sensor checks if a filament is present. This minimalist system provides reliable readings with any kind of filament; be it rigid or flexible, opaque or translucent. Two M8 Male push-fittings encompass the device. These push-fittings will grip a whole PTFE tube, ensuring that the filament is properly guided through the SENTINEL. A foam hidden in the casing is used to clean dust from the filament.

This Kickstarter Campaign, to raise 5 000 $, will help us ensuring that SENTINEL is as compatible and as versatile as possible. We want users to be able to use SENTINEL with any firmware, any width of filament. Fortunately, at this time, SENTINEL is already compatible with almost any 3D printer as it can fit on any board that has a free digital pin, such as a servo pin.

You can learn more about SENTINEL on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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