Home 3D Scanner Shapify Booth: Full-Body 3D Scanner by Artec Group

Shapify Booth: Full-Body 3D Scanner by Artec Group

The Artec Shapify Booth is 3D body scanning machine that can be used to automatically create 3D selfies, so called “Shapies”.

Artec Shapify Booth is a 3D selfie technology that automatically creates a 3D printable model of a person within just a few minutes. The booth employs four wide-view high-resolution scanners fixed to a rotating rig that take 12 seconds to scan the body of a person. The scanned surfaces are then automatically fused into a 3D model, which is an exact replica of the person:

According to Artec the booth is ideal for retail stores, airports, amusement parks and other locations  with high foot traffic. The UK store ASDA was the first supermarket to bring this technology to shoppers.

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