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Sinterhard Introduces Metal Filled Filaments for 3D Printing

Sinterhard currently promotes their metal filled 3D printer filaments on Kickstarter.

The team of chemists and engineers led by Bill Kovacs has developed ABS and PLA plastic filaments mixed with powdered metals for use in FFF 3D printers. Called “Metal Printed Filament” (MPF) process, the method is similar to metal injection moulding, except that the object is 3D printed before being “debinded” of plastic and sintered in a furnace.

So far Sinterhard offers 316 stainless steel and aluminum filament, two of the most common metals used in metal injection moulding, a process they have had experience with in the past 30 years. Additionally, the team plans to release an open source guide for their proprietary MPF process. Should the filament project turn out successful, Sinterhard has plans to create a special furnace for sintering the 3D printed metal parts.

Starting at $ 50 you can pledge for one lbs (0.45 kg) of either 316 stainless steel or aluminum filament on Kickstarter.

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