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Snapmaker introduces new IDEX 3D printer Snapmaker J1

Digital manufacturer Snapmaker announced the launch of its brand new IDEX 3D Printer, which is named J1, will be available for pre-order from November 8th on Snapmaker’s offcial store. The pre-order price will be 1,099 USD with free shipping and MSRP will be 1,399 USD.

The Snapmaker J1 (previously named JADELABO J1) is a project created by members of Snapmaker’s early founding team after leaving Snapmaker. At first, the J1 team found that auto-calibration was lacking in IDEX 3D printing and thereafter they pioneered the development of this feature. In November 2021, after nearly a year of R&D, the J1 team decided to return to Snapmaker and benefit from Snapmaker’s existing innovative technology and well-established operation system so that J1 can better fulfill the commitments to its supporters. Now, J1 comes with a slew of new features and innovative solutions that are intended to make 3D printing more efficient and stronger than ever.

Ultra-fast IDEX brings infinite possibilities

With the optimization of the vibration compensation technology ensuring a revolutionary speed boost, Snapmaker J1 3D Printer brings you a top-of-class printing speed of 350 mm/s that allows you to print two benches within 24 minutes. The advanced algorithm also reduces the vibration caused by high-speed movements, minimizing ringing to enhance print quality. With the maximum acceleration of 10000mm/s², you can print small models packed with details with efficiency.

With an independent extruder (IDEX) system, it allows two separate extruders moving independently, enabling various exhilarating printing modes such as copy, mirror and backup mode to take your printing experience to an entirely new level. Plus, IDEX offers the cleanest two-extruder solution that prevents cross-contamination. It creates a clean interface between two materials, embracing hassle-free removal and avoiding stains and weird blending along the seam. J1 can tackle hollow structures, complex parts with overhangs, or accurate parts with great details by printing with breakaway or soluble support material, enabling true design freedom. It is a journey to infinite possibilities.

High quality and precision as Snapmaker always does

J1’s body comprises an upper frame and a base made by one-piece die casting, and four aluminum alloy bars, which is inspired by an approach long adopted by the automotive industry to make the body with just a few highly integrated parts. J1 is also rigid and reliable with minimal wobble and deformation possible that you can do a large-print marathon and get all the printed with uncompromising quality.

J1 can print delicate models with impeccable details, thanks to the standard configuration on high-precision linear rails, which are made by CNC grinding at the micron level, ensuring smooth and steady movements. It leads to a significant rise in precision, rigidity and durability for users to savor a fast, accurate and steady making experience.

J1 is not only designed to impress you at first sight, but also built to last — as Snapmaker always does. J1 inherits Snapmaker’s iconic all-metal design which users highly value for its rigidity and durability. It also provides better heat dissipation with the main board and power supply spread out on the base and aluminum alloy as its main material.

Advance for the Advanced

With its completely redesigned extruders, J1 produces reliable results with advanced materials to meet structural and functional demands of various engineering applications. For instance, the all-metal hot ends, capable of reaching temperatures up to 300°C, are perfect for handling various high temp materials, including nylon, reinforced nylon and PC. The compact extrusion paths and dual direct drives ensure that J1 prints seamlessly with flexible materials like TPU. Once you’ve experienced the exceptional material compatibility of J1, you will see why it is a preferred tool by professional makers.

Snapmaker J1 is available in the official store from November 8.

The pre-order price will be 1,099 USD with free shipping, 300USD off MSRP.

Find out more about Snapmaker at snapmaker.com.

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