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Snapmaker launches 1064nm infrared laser for plastic and metal engraving

3D printer manufacturer Snapmaker has announced a new 1064nm infrared laser module for engraving on plastics and metals. The accessory complements the company’s existing laser product range and will be available for pre-order from May 7 for 399 USD (USA/Global) or 449 Euro (EU, incl. VAT).

The new infrared laser is aimed at high-resolution and precise engraving work and is suitable for materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, ABS, acrylic and more. Combined with the existing 3D printing and CNC milling capabilities of Snapmaker models, users will have the ability to realize complex and unique ideas.

While the other Snapmaker lasers in the blue spectrum are designed for powerful cutting and engraving, the new infrared laser is specifically designed for intricate and detailed projects. The properties of the 1064nm laser enable extremely precise and fine work with a focus diameter of up to 0.03mm.

The infrared laser module is compatible with most Snapmaker 3-in-1 models as well as the Snapmaker Ray and extends the range of high-wattage blue lasers with a more precise option for engraving. It has been designed with safety in mind – an integrated detector stops operation in the event of disconnection, tilting of the laser head or prolonged exposure. The user-friendly software and calibration aids support safe operation.

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