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SOL Plus: Ackuretta presents new 3D printer for dentistry

Ackuretta, a specialist in dental 3D printing, announces the launch of SOL Plus, an addition to its range of dental 3D printers. The SOL Plus is designed to redefine dental workflows in high production. It combines high throughput, versatility and reliability to meet the evolving needs of modern digital dentistry.

In addition to the launch of SOL Plus, Ackuretta has announced an update to its CLEANI cleaning unit. As well as a refreshed design for the versatile Dual Tank, a new Tank Plus is also being introduced which, together with SOL Plus and CURIE Plus, offers a complete 3D printing solution for demanding workflows. Both settings now also include a hydrometer that automatically indicates when the alcohol in the tank needs to be changed.

The latest addition to the CURO resin line, CURO Ortho Model, offers dental professionals a reliable and accessible model resin, ideal for the production of aligners and perfectly matches the high production capacity of SOL Plus.

With its XL platform, SOL Plus enables printing of a full lower and upper jaw as well as multiple full arches, either horizontally (up to 8) or vertically (up to 28), ensuring clinical accuracy and high precision. SOL Plus is validated for over 10 biocompatible dental applications (including Class I and II), from permanent crowns to splints, prostheses and surgical guides.

The launch of SOL Plus underlines Ackuretta’s commitment to innovation and quality in dental 3D printing. The device is equipped with industry-leading resin heating technology that optimizes printing performance and provides access to a wider range of materials, including the latest nanoceramic hybrids. The new SOL Plus features are designed to make dental workflows as easy as possible, including a large touch screen and a hood sensor to prevent unwanted UV curing. SOL Plus is not just a printer, but a productivity enhancement designed to take dental care to the next level.

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