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Sovol SV08: Sovol presents affordable 3D printer with large build space

3D printing manufacturer Sovol has introduced the SV08, an affordable clone of the popular Voron 2.4 open source 3D printer. The special feature: The assembly is largely prefabricated and ready for use in less than an hour. With a build volume of 350 x 350 x 345 mm and a high print speed with an acceleration of 40000mm/s^2, the SV08 offers powerful specifications at a fraction of the cost of a classic Voron build.

At its core, the SV08 is an industrially manufactured Voron 2.4 with CNC-machined aluminum components and injection-molded plastic parts. The pre-configured electronics and drive modules enable quick assembly. Many additional functions such as a camera, filament monitoring and magnetic covers are integrated ex works. The hotend is based on a proprietary 0.4 mm nickel nozzle design similar to those used by Bambu Lab. In terms of features, the SV08 therefore stands out from the classic Voron kit.

Despite its extensive features, the SV08 should be available at a fraction of the cost of a do-it-yourself Voron. In an early bird promotion, the first 800 units are offered for only 399 USD. The following 700 units will be available for USD 499 before the regular retail price of USD 599 applies. Even the full price is therefore well below the cost of many Voron self-assembly kits. Sovol has also announced that it will donate USD 2 per unit sold to the Voron project.

Sales will start on April 18, 2024 in the official store.

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