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SPEE3D presents new large-format metal 3D printer TitanSPEE3D

Australian 3D printer manufacturer SPEE3D has launched TitanSPEE3D, a new metal 3D printer.

TitanSPEE3D uses SPEE3D’s proprietary Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology, which enables fast and cost-effective metal printing. The printer has an extremely large build volume of 2.4 meters in diameter and 1 meter in height, with a maximum printed part weight of 2000 kilograms.

TitanSPEE3D is designed to work with a variety of metals, including 6061 aluminum, aluminum bronze and 316 stainless steel. The printer has a footprint of 4.3 x 4.3 meters and reaches a height of 3.3 meters, weighing approximately 5 tons.

“SPEE3D revolutionized large-scale metal 3D printing when we launched our first printer utilizing our unique Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology and have elevated this success through continual expansion of our 3D printing technologies,” said Paul Maloney, Chief Revenue Officer at SPEE3D.

The TitanSPEE3D will be available to a limited number of beta customers in 2024, with a commercial launch planned for 2025. These developments underscore SPEE3D’s ongoing efforts to expand the capabilities of additive manufacturing and increase efficiency in the production of metal parts.

“The TitanSPEE3D will be a game changer for industries that rely on casting for very large parts, including defence, heavy industry, and others, to have the ability to print quickly, sustainably, and at a competitive cost. We’re thrilled to preview this technology at LSAAT”, Maloney closes.

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