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SprintRay introduces NanoCure for post-treatment of 3D prints

The 3D printing company SprintRay, which specializes in the dental sector, is introducing several new products. These include the NanoCure post-curing device, NightGuard Flex 2, NightGuard Firm 2, Apex Base and Apex Teeth resins.

SprintRay, an innovation leader in the field of 3D printing in dentistry, has recently unveiled its latest product portfolio. These include the NanoCure post-curing unit and the NightGuard Flex 2, NightGuard Firm 2, Apex Base and Apex Teeth dental resins. These new products represent a significant advance in dental 3D printing technology and promise to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of dental treatments.

“At SprintRay, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver exceptional solutions that empower dental professionals worldwide,” said Dr. Amir Mansouri, CEO of SprintRay. “Our latest advancements reflect our ongoing dedication to revolutionizing the dental industry through collaboration, research, and technological excellence.”

NanoCure represents the state of the art in post-curing technology. With the ability to fully post-cure up to four 3D-printed dental models in just two minutes, NanoCure sets new standards in speed, reliability and efficiency. Equipped with dual wavelength LEDs and advanced thermal management, it ensures optimal mechanical properties of the final products.

The NightGuard Flex 2 and NightGuard Firm 2 resins are the result of advanced developments in dental resin technology. They offer improved durability and comfort for patients. Thanks to the optimization of various mechanical properties, these new formulations significantly outperform their predecessors and enable the production of individual night guards directly in the dental practice within one hour.

Apex Base and Apex Teeth resins utilize NanoFusion technology to create dentures with unsurpassed strength, aesthetics and durability. The innovative composition with an optimal proportion of ceramic ensures outstanding fracture and wear resistance. In addition, improved translucency and a variety of color shades enable aesthetically pleasing results that are on par with traditional materials.

SprintRay invites dental professionals to personally experience the benefits and performance of the new products through a demo.

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