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Startup presents add-on to automate Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D printing

The startup JobOx is currently working on a system to automate 3D printing on the Bambu Lab A1 Mini. On Reddit, a representative of the company presented a solution that makes it possible to print continuously without human intervention.

The company JobOx is currently developing a plate changer for the Bambu Lab A1 Mini. The company has already presented similar systems for the Prusa MK3S 3D printer. JobOx’s approach is based on a plate changer mechanism: once a print job is complete, the build plate is removed and a fresh plate is placed in position.

Although this system does not allow fully continuous 3D printing, but is limited to the number of build plates, the system offers a considerable reduction in workload. Users need to monitor the printing process less frequently and can plan longer print runs. The market launch of the plate changer is planned for this summer, with a price of less than 300 euros. Although this is more expensive than the printer itself, it is cheaper than combining the A1 Mini with additional accessories.

Automated printer for under 300€/$ will become reality soon…
byu/blendermite inBambuLab

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