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Stratasys H350 receives update for more detailed SAF 3D prints

3D printing specialist Stratasys has announced new features for its Selective Additive Fusion (SAF) technology. With the function called HighDef Printing, objects can now be produced with a finer level of detail. At the same time, the powerful H350 platform is being upgraded to version 1.5.

The HighDef update enables more precise prints by improving the resolution. This means that intricate structures such as gear wheels or joint parts can be produced with a high level of edge definition. “This opens up new applications for SAF customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical technology,” explains Adam Ellis from Stratasys.

The new capability is provided via a firmware upgrade and is backwards compatible with previous H350 models. Existing customers will receive it free of charge.

With the H350 V1.5, Stratasys is also presenting an upgraded version of the well-known SAF printer. In addition to optimized sensors, the new series also offers improved remote service functions for easier operation and maintenance. HighDef Printing has been pre-installed as a new addition.

“The additional capabilities fulfill the customer’s desire for greater attention to detail and allow them to cover more applications with SAF – while maintaining the same high production speed,” says Torben Lange, SAF Development Manager at Stratasys.

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