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Swedish 3D Printer – Skriware on Kickstarter – Update: available for preorder!

The Swedish developer team starts a crowdfunding campaign for its 3D printer named Skriware on Kickstarter.

December 1th 2015 – With an epic video the team behind Skriware asks for your money. In turn you get a very easy to use FFF 3D Printer. The Skriware 3D Printer prints directly from the online marketplace of Skriware with just one press of a button.

You can also print over WiFi or directly over a USB stick. The used filament is PLA or PET-G. The print volume is 150x150x130mm and you can get printed objects very easy off the magnetic and flexible print plate.

You can preorder a Skriware 3D printer for around 900$ with intended delivery in early as April 2016. Follow this link to the Kickstarter campaign here.

Skriware 3D Printer 1


January 14th 2016 – Update: Skriware is fully financed

Just around a week before the Kickstarter campaign for the Skriware 3D printer ends the team announces that the target was reached. The campaign managed to collect more than 440.000 Swedish Kronor, around 48.000€ or more than 52.000$.

Daniel Losinski, CEO at Skriware:

We are super happy that our Kickstarter campaign turned out to be successful. Skriware team believes that 3D printers will soon be as common and popular as regular 2D printers. They will be present in modern households. We want speed up adoption process by bringing the first printer to market that really makes it possible for everyone to start using 3D technology right away. With the funds we have already raised and work we already done this can finally happen.

March 3rd 2016 – Update: Skriware is available for preorder

After the successful Kickstarter campaign the Skriware 3D printer is now available to preorder with a 20% rebate over the manufacturers homepage. Together with the 3D printer the company introduces a complete ecosystem with online market for designs and a “one click printing” feature. With this feature you can just print objects from the market place with just one click.

Daniel Losinski, CEO from Skriware:

Daniel_Losinski_CEO_SkriwareWe are super happy that the Kickstarter campaign gave us such a boost and we were able to start production of our 3D printer and develop Skrimarket. As we are building devices for Kickstarter backers, we get lots of inquiries from potential clients about the presale. That’s why we have decided it’s high time to launch pre-order on our website. So if you want to 3D print cool things at home, go ahead and check out Skriware.

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