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The New BigRep ONE – 3D Print Large Objects 4x Faster

Berlin-based large scale 3D printer manufacturer, BigRep, has just launched their new BigRep ONE, being able to print up to 4 times faster than the previous version.

The latest device also features a new modular extruder that can print support material and multiple colours. The universal spool holder fits every spool size and can hold up to 4 rolls, each weighing up to 10 kg (22 lbs). Moreover, the new BigRep ONE is conveniently equipped with filament detection and an improved heated print bed which now comes with auto-leveling to reduce set up time.

BigRep CEO René Gurka: “At BigRep we are focusing on printing large objects reliably and fast. The great feedback from partners and customers led to a lot of research in this field. Our new modular extruder with multiple nozzle sizes can now create objects up to 4 times faster than the old ONE.2 model. Bigger prints require much more filaments hence the new ONE can hold spools up to 10 Kg.”

Currently, the new BigRep ONE is available for pre-order through their website, with first 3D printers being shipped in October. The company is also about to launch their own series of 3D printer filaments.


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