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Titan Robotics Launches Atlas 2.0 Large Format 3D Printer

After over one and a half years of intense testing of their successful first large-scale 3D printer, The Atlas, Titan Robotics has released an updated and improved machine.

The Atlas 2.0 features an even bigger build volume of 915 x 915 x 1220 mm. The most requested feature which was added by Titan Robotics was the optional heated steel enclosure. This industrial steel enclosure will attain constant temperatures of up to 85°C.

“Our customers need these machines for industrial production capabilities with ABS, and we provided a real solution to creating large format ABS parts without warping at any height,” explains Clay Guillory, CEO and Founder of Titan Robotics. “Government contractors, manufacturing shops, universities and 3D print shops are coming to us because they are looking for a machine that is tried and tested and will print 200+ hour print jobs consistently.”

The latest version of the Atlas 3D printer utilises the same quality of components with upgrades in CNC milled components, scorching hot heated beds, Yaskawa AC Servos, high temperature lubricants. Additional improvements include the option to add dual extruders to increase the functionality of the machine. Titan Robotics also offers a free 24/7 customer service.


Technical specifications

  • Technology: FDM
  • Build volume: 915 mm x 915 mm x 1220 mm (36 x 36 x 48 inch)
  • Moving table design
  • Precision machined steel frame
  • 8GB Smoothieboard 4X or 5x with ReprapDiscount Graphic LCD
  • Software: Simplify 3D (software settings included)
  • 110V at 18amps or 220V Heated bed at 9 Amps
  • Materials: Prints most FDM style materials-ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, TPE Ninjaflex and other
  • Stepper speed: Rapid travel up to 150 mm/s
  • Servo speed: Rapid Travel up to 600 mm/s (highly recommended)
  • Extruder: Bulldog XL extruder capable of using 3mm filament
  • Hotend: Hexagon hot end with a 0.7 mm nozzle (swappable from 0.4 mm – 1 mm)


The Atlas 2.0 is available for $ 24,000 including 2-day installation labor and a one-year warranty. The optional metal enclosure with embedded heating system comes with a price tag of $ 12,000.

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