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Two Trees presents new SK1 high-speed 3D printer

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Two Trees has unveiled its latest model. The SK1 3D printer is designed to impress with a particularly fast printing process and a motorized print bed.

According to the manufacturer, the SK1 achieves impressive printing speeds of up to 700 millimeters per second. Although Two Trees only recommends 300 mm/s for practical use, this is also a good speed for a desktop printer. These high speeds are made possible by modern drive technology, a CoreXY arrangement of the axes and the use of linear rails. The build volume is specified as 256x256x256 mm.

Also worth mentioning is the heated print bed of the SK1, which levels itself automatically. This is ensured by three Z-axis motors that can adjust the inclination of the bed in all directions. According to the manufacturer, this is the first implementation of a motorized print bed in a desktop device. Manual leveling by the user is no longer necessary.

The SK1 is rounded off by a direct-drive extruder, a sturdy metal housing, an optional housing cover and comprehensive connectivity with WLAN connection and USB interface. The regular price is quoted at 599 US dollars.

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