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Universal Pellet Extruder by RichRap

Richard Horne, also known as RichRap in the 3D printing community, has come up with another initiative after successful other projects like the Universal Paste Extruder.

This time he has created two versions of a Universal Pellet Extruder, which he describes in his blog. RichRap also wants to involve the open source community and shares the files for the 3D printed parts on YouMagine:

“It’s aimed as an open community project, so please get involved, share, develop and enhance the design process. Make upgrades and share both files and experiences so we can make a really good low cost solution for pellet based 3D printing.”

Filament for 3D printing is produced by melting down pellets and bringing them into the desired shape. If you would be able to skip this process a lot of money could be saved.

For the design RichRap stuck to parts that would easily be available all around the world. He has come up with two different motor drive systems – one using a normal NEMA 17 motor and the other using a NEMA 17 with a planetary gear box fitted.

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For further details on the Universal Pellet Extruder you can check out RichRap’s blog and watch the video below:

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