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VORON Design makes it possible: Build your own open source 3D printer

The VORON Design open source project is dedicated to developing high-quality 3D printers that are easy to assemble. Thanks to a well thought-out concept and a passionate community, the kits have enjoyed great popularity among ambitious hobbyists for years.

According to VORON Design, the core philosophy is to offer printers for semi-professional use at home without compromising on quality or user-friendliness.

All models such as the Voron V1 or V2 are based on proven concepts such as CoreXY or CoreXZ with linear guides or linear shafts. This enables high speed and acceleration to be achieved – particularly important for continuous operation or large print jobs. Genuine Gates timing belts ensure reliability.

Another focus is on simple assembly: the frames are made of standard 20×20 or 20×30 aluminum profiles that can be easily plugged together. The flexible Klipper system with Raspberry Pi is used exclusively for the control system. According to VORON Design, configuration takes just a few seconds.

The official website provides comprehensive instructions for the VORON0, VORON Trident, VORON2, VORON Switchwire and VORON Legacy printers. In addition to a list of the required parts and 3D models, there are also configurators that allow the open source 3D printer to be customized.

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