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Xenia presents new range of PVDF-based materials

Xenia Materials, a global developer of carbon fiber reinforced polymers, has unveiled its new range of PVDF-based composites for 3D printing applications in pellet form. These new materials combine the advantages of carbon fibers with the outstanding properties of PVDF, opening up new possibilities in additive manufacturing, especially where high performance and chemical resistance are required.

The company offers both a version of the unreinforced PVDF polymer and an innovative range of carbon fiber-reinforced composites. Carbon fibres are known in additive manufacturing for their ability to minimize deformation during the printing process while ensuring a smooth surface. They also ensure dimensional stability and low thermal expansion. The integration of carbon fibers in PVDF improves the mechanical properties of the polymer, increases strength, reduces electrical resistance and complies with ATEX standards.

According to Xenia’s R&D Manager Cristian Zanchetta, ” Xenia’s expertise in carbon-fibre reinforced polymer, applied to the PVDF polymer base, allows us to leverage our research and development know-how to push boundaries in creating innovative 3D printing materials. Our comprehensive materials portfolio now extends from unfilled PVDF to carbon-fibre-reinforced PVDF, fulfilling every client requirements.”

Xenia Materials invites industry representatives to discover the new materials at TCT3Sixty 2024 in Birmingham from June 5 to 6 and at the FIP show in Lyon from June 4 to 7. Interested parties can visit Xenia at stand J30 at TCT3Sixty and stand B60 at FIP for detailed information.

Xenia Materials is known for the development and production of innovative high-performance materials and offers a wide range of carbon and glass fiber reinforced composites as well as ultra-lightweight structural composites based on special thermoplastic matrix materials. In addition, all formulations have been optimized and adapted for additive manufacturing so that they can be used in various FGF (Fused Granulate Fabrication) printers. Target markets include sports and agriculture, aerospace, automotive and transportation, oil and gas, alternative energy, construction, infrastructure, mechanical engineering and medicine.

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