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XYZPrinting Unveils SLA 3D Printer Nobel 1.0 for $ 1,499 – Update

After their successful FFF 3D printers of the Da Vinci series and the All-in-One 3D printing and scanning device, XYZPrinting now launches their first SLA printer.

January 7, 2015: Nobel 1.0 is an affordable SLA machine priced at $ 1,499 and features a safe closed printing environment with auto resin refill. Using photopolymer resin it prints with an accuracy of up to 0.025 mm on the Z axis.

Technical Specifications:

  • Printer dimensions: 280 x 345 x 594 mm
  • Weight: 20 pounds (9kg)
  • Display: 2.6-inch touchscreen
  • Light source: UV Laser λ 405nm (100mW)
  • Connectivity: USB wire
  • Build size: 128 x 128 x 200 mm
  • Layer thickness: X/Y axis resolution: 0.3mm (300 Microns)/ Z axis: 0.025mm (25 Microns)
  • Software: XYZware
  • Operating system: Windows XP (.Net 4.0 required), Windows 7+ (for PC), Mac OS X 10.8 (for Mac)
  • File types: STL, XYZ format, .gcode

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July 22, 2015: Update – Nobel 1.0 now available for purchase

XYZprinting has just announced that the affordable SL Laser printer is now available for purchase through their online store as well as Amazon.

The company has formulated photopolymer resins of different colors and materials specifically for the Nobel 1.0 series, which are ideal for printing objects with high internal and external complexity. Works printed using photopolymer resin have the same precision as a quarter of the diameter of a single strand of hair, making the Nobel 1.0 a favorite amongst architects and designers. Resins for the Nobel 1.0 are sold in a package of two 500ml bottles for $119 with two color options: grey and clear.

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