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Zhuhai CTC Announces Affordable SLA 3D Printer “Riverside”

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Zhuhai CTC, known for their low-cost FDM devices, has just announced the launch of its Riverside Photocuring 3D Printer.

The affordable desktop device with a suggested retail price of $ 1,480 in the US and RMB 13,800 in China will be unveiled at an upcoming expo in China in early July. It can print objects out of light sensitive resin with a layer thickness of 100 micrometer and a maximum size of 135 x 135 x 180 mm. CTC has devloped a slicing software and operating system based on the open source Cura Engine and Repetier Host.

He Siyi, Head of Public Relations at CTC Electronic, explained: “Our goal is to allow the designer to have access to an affordable and reliable tool and provide an all-new product-verification solution.

“Riverside has not only reduced ownership cost, but also lowered the printing cost by revolutionizing the resin plate. A special thin film has replaced the transparent silica gel as the resin plate’s medium. This special thin film can effectively separate curing resin and the base and can handle a much larger volume of printing before needing to be replaced. These improvements extends the plate’s service life from a mere dozen or so days to several months, greatly reducing the printing cost.”



Technical specifications:

  • Molding technology: SLA
  • Operating system: Repetier-Host
  • Slicing software: Cura
  • Firmware: CTC Riverside 1.0
  • Printing supplies: liquid light-sensitive resin
  • Print size: 135 x 135 x 180 mm
  • Print layer thickness: 100 micrometers (minimum)
  • Document format: STL
  • Printer overall dimensions: 35 x 38 x 55cm
  • Weight: 10 kg

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