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3D Lab presents innovations for metal powder production

The Polish company 3D Lab presented innovations in its ATO technology for the production of metal powders at the Formnext trade fair. An induction melting system called ATO IMS and a vacuum casting system called ATO Cast were presented.

According to 3D Lab, the melting system enables high-quality metal powders with a low oxygen content and narrow grain size distribution. It can process wire and rods as starting material as well as irregular scrap pieces in a crucible. This expands the range of metals that can be processed.

The ATO Cast system, on the other hand, is designed to produce the purest metal feedstocks for powder production. The modularity of the ATO system allows users to customize their production process and set the desired powder quality.

3D Lab sees itself as a pioneer in additive manufacturing. With continuous innovation in ATO technology for metal powder production, the company aims to further advance the possibilities of 3D printing, explained CEO Jakub Rozpendowski. The systems presented are a significant step towards efficient and sustainable powder production.

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