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3D Printed Tie by Nervous System

We have seen quite a lot of 3D printed fashion designs coming from generative design studio Nervous Systems. Following their completely 3D printed Kinematics dress and a cooperation with New Balance for a 3D printed running shoe midsole, they recently introduced the Kinematics Tie.

kinematic_Tie_Nervous_SystemsBefore coming up with the final result, the design team has tried out several prototypes that dealt with how you wear and tie in different ways. The tie featuring an adjustable fabric neckband, composes of hundreds of interlocking triangular pieces that are 3D printed in nylon material.

It is made available through Nervous Labs, a new hub of their website representing a shop where you can use apps to create your own designs as well as a platform to feature their own designs, such as the Kinematics tie, for a limited period of time.

The Kinematic Ties are available in colours blue, black and red until February 6, 2016 through Nervous Systems.

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