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3D printing specialist Nano Dimension applies for 2nd patent for a Large Language Model (LLM)

Nano Dimension, a specialist in Additively Manufactured Electronics (“AME”) and multidimensional polymer, metal and ceramic solutions for 3D printing, announced the filing of a US patent application entitled “Large Language Models for efficient Anomaly Detection in Log Files of Industrial Machines”.

The challenge of automated anomaly detection lies primarily in the analysis of machine log files. Although these are a valuable source of information for industrial systems, they are becoming increasingly difficult and costly to analyze due to the increasing complexity of the systems and the growing volume of data. In addition, analysis is usually done after events have occurred and not in real time, missing the opportunity for immediate correction.

Nano Dimension has extended its existing AI patents to include a Large Language Model (LLM) that can operate independently of engineering labels. This technology utilizes the sentiments expressed in the machine logs to enable a fully automated process of AI-assisted prediction of manufacturing anomalies. This can either be based solely on log files or in combination with other machine data and is efficient enough to process billions of log lines.

This patent application follows a related patent filed in September 2023. Both patents are of great importance for the development of Nano Dimension’s products, which are designed with DeepCube Group’s deep learning-based AI wherever possible, as well as for third-party customers and partners who are increasingly aiming to use the same technology in their own industrial processes and systems.

Dr. Eli David, Chief Technology Officer of AI for Nano Dimension, commented: “The filing of the Large Language Models for Efficient Anomaly Detection in Log Files of Industrial Machines patent application is another significant development for Nano Dimension and our customers. A solution is only truly valuable with scalability and this new patent lies at the core of tremendously scalable advanced industrial solutions.”

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