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ADDDAM installs MetalFABG2 from Additive Industries

Metal 3D printer manufacturer Additive Industries has successfully installed its MetalFABG2 3D metal printer at ADDDAM, a provider of flexible metalworking and production solutions, at its plant in Bressanone, Italy. ADDDAM is proud to be Additive Industries’ first customer in Italy.

With the MetalFABG2 printer, ADDDAM’s goal is to gain access to the die casting industry and become a leading manufacturer of complex aluminum parts for the automotive and engineering industries. With the rapid changes in the automotive industry due to the transition to electric vehicles and changing customer requirements, flexibility in production is crucial. ADDDAM offers prototyping and initial testing, and can switch to high-pressure die casting as volumes increase to meet the projected demand for electric vehicles.

To succeed in this endeavor, ADDDAM has identified four critical success factors: Focus, Environment, Automation and Quality. For this reason, the company selected the MetalFABG2 printer from Additive Industries because of its ability to produce high-quality die-cast replacement parts. The MetalFABG2’s high level of automation lowers costs, increases competitiveness and increases resilience to workforce changes.

Mathias Wiese, Chief Executive Officer at ADDDAM: “We are very excited to partner with Additive Industries to move forward in our next step: accessing the die-casting industry. The MetalFABG2 printer will be a great new asset to accommodate us in this next stage.”

Mark Massey, Chief Executive Officer at Additive Industries: “We as Additive Industries are very happy to be able to provide ADDDAM with our MetalFABG2 printer to support them in their expansion towards the automotive and machine engineering industry.”

The successful installation of the MetalFABG2 printer at ADDDAM marks another milestone for Additive Industries and confirms the importance of additive manufacturing in the modern industry.

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