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ALGIX 3D to Launch Non-Toxic ABS Filament Substitute DURA – Update

Bioplastics company ALGIX has entered the 3D printing material market in April 2015 by launching their first algae-based filament through a joint venture with 3D-Fuel. ALGIX 3D now adds another sustainable filament line to their portfolio by releasing DURA.

February 21, 2016: DURA was first unveiled at CES 2016 last months and is a non-toxic and sustainable alternative to ABS filaments, as Ashton Zeller, director of research and development for ALGIX explains: “We are excited to launch our non-toxic and sustainable substitute for ABS, called DURA. This filament outperforms ABS in many areas, including toughness and elongation, and does not require a heated plate or heated chamber. We are also going to be launching a biodegradable flexible filament that can be used in any printer without having to change out print heads. We think that both of these filaments will have a large impact on the market, considering recent controversy surrounding ABS and other toxic materials.”


ALGIX 3D currently offers their Advanced PLA and Algae PLA filament in different colours.


March 23, 2016: Update – DURA Filament now available for pre-order

Algix3D has made their new DURA filament available to customers for pre-order. According to the developers it outperforms ABS and PLA in many areas, including toughness, elongation and brittleness. Moreover, it doesn’t release toxic fumes and requires no heated bed.

The compostable material has a better heat resistance and layer adhesion than common PLA, while featuring a higher print resolution than ABS, resulting in a very smooth surface finish.

ALGIX 3D DURA is available in both 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameter on 500 g spools or 100 g coil packs in six different colours.


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