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Algae Based 3D Printer Filament “Algae Fuel” Launches – Update: Now Available

Manufacturer of 3D printer filament, 3D-Fuel, announced the launch of its algae based 3D printer filament through a Joint Venture with the clean technology company Algix.

April 23, 2015: Algix is specialised in producing sustainable plastic products utilising algae from aquaculture and water treatment technologies, which are then dried and jet milled into tiny particles, before turned into pellets.

“Our Joint Venture with ALGIX opens an entirely new realm of possibilities for us and the 3D Printing market”, said 3D-Fuel co-founder Matthew Stegall. “We are producing high quality filaments, exceeding the typical industry standard. With our efforts being focused on environmental friendliness, some of the exciting product lines we will be introducing to the market in the coming months have the ability to completely change how users of 3D Printers view their printing materials and their impact on the environment.”

The first filament of a series that will be available from June 1, is Algae Fuel,  a PLA composite containing 20% algae biomass. With their Solaplast line, Algix currently offers algae blended plastic resins with an algae loading of up to 55%. These bioplastic materials are mainly used for injection moulding and extrusion processes.


Michael Van Drunen, CEO of Algix: “Both companies commitment to excellence in both manufacturing and research and development was a clear indicator that our Joint Venture would be a huge success. With our core values being very synergistic, we know our customers will see the difference in not just our product offerings, but the principles in our business practices that we bring to the 3D printing market.”


August 6, 2015: Update – High Heat Grade Advanced PLA and Algae-Fuel Filament now available

3D Fuel has just announced that its Algae-Fuel and High Heat Grade Advanced PLA filament is now available through their Webshop.

According to Fuel 3D, the new Advanced PLA combines the sustainability of PLA with material properties typically found in ABS. Being based on wild harvested algae and PLA, their Algae-Fuel filament provides an even more environmentally friendly option.

There is often the thought that more sustainable plastics will not perform as well as traditional petroleum-based plastics. As more and more 3D printers try 3D Fuel products, that myth will be debunked” explained Barbara Zeller, Marketing and Communications Manager of ALGIX and 3D Fuel.

Since algae is high in protein, it helps to maintain the material properties commonly found in plastics, while providing a more sustainable option. Utilising algae to produce more sustainable plastic products helps to sequester environmental carbon and provide clean water, and algae does not require the use of arable cropland as most other bioplastics require.

Algae-Fuel filament is available in 1.75 mm diameter in Earthy Green colour for $ 75 per spool. Advanced PLA comes with a price tag of $ 45 per spool.


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