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Atlas3D: Scientists present text-to-3D modeling software

There are more and more methods for generating 3D models. However, these models often lack the necessary stability to work without additional support structures. A new approach has now been presented that aims to solve this problem elegantly.

The “Atlas3D” system makes it possible to generate stable and independent 3D models directly from text input. Until now, many approaches have failed because the generated objects did not stand up to the laws of physics and could not be used without manual post-processing. “Atlas3D” integrates physical simulations into the generation process to ensure the stability of the models.

A differentiable rigid-body simulator is used to optimize both the geometry and the physical properties of the 3D objects. This not only makes them visually appealing, but also allows them to stand upright without the need for additional aids, meaning they can be used directly for applications in simulations or 3D printing.

The system has been extensively tested and validated. The results show significantly improved stability compared to previous methods. The need for manual reworking and support structures has been significantly reduced. This is an important advance, particularly for applications in robotics, gaming or industrial 3D printing.

The research results on “Atlas3D” were published in a specialist article.

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