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Authentise launches 3Diax 3D printing Machine Analytics tool

Authentise is specialised in process automation solutions for modern automatised production machines. The newest product of the company is 3Diax, a software made to monitor 3D printing machines and create statistics about their usage. The statistics should help to create a higher and more efficient output.

3Diax consists of different modules – now 2/3 of all modules are finished. Each module has its own working area and all modules can communicate. Maybe one of the most important tools is the “Machine Analytics” – this module can read statistics of machine usage, material usage per machine, utilisation and much more and display them. This should help to get a higher output of the whole production and it will help to increase efficiency.

3diax machine analytics-schedule
3diax machine analytics-schedule

You can get more information about 3Diax on the website of the tool. If you are interested in using the software you can also get in contact through the website.

As the industry overcomes hardware, design and material challenges to identify more and more disruptive use cases for additive, the volumes rise exponentially. Current processes and software solutions are just not ready for that. 3Diax provides a modular solution that integrates and augments existing processes to address discrete automation challenges one-by-one rather than ripping and replacing the whole system.

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