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Authentise releases 3DGPT with Collection of Additive Manufacturing Knowledge

Authentise, the leader in data-driven engineering & manufacturing workflow tools, has released a new artificial intelligence tool that allows users to interrogate the world’s largest collection of additive manufacturing knowledge using every-day language.

With 3DGPT, users can ask any question – from general ones such as “What additive technologies can I use to 3D print concrete?”, to more specific ones such as “How do I reduce the likelihood of defects when working with Stainless Steel in powder bed fusion?” – and receive intelligent answers rooted in deep industry knowledge in return. The answers utilise both the knowledge contained within the journal articles and standards, as well as the general knowledge on which OpenAI’s ChatGPT is built. Uniquely, the tool provides references to its more technical answers, providing users the chance to scrutinise 3DGPT’s answers.

The system is open for public trials at www.authentise.com/3dgpt now.

“AI is evolving at an incredible pace and it’s time for the additive community to see how it can benefit. Authentise has always focused on integrating the world’s best algorithms into its workflows, and we’re delighted to be the first to teach Large Language Models decades worth of additive knowledge,” says Andre Wegner, CEO. “Personally, I’ve been continually astounded by the know-how in the industry. It’s a pleasure to help make that more accessible, but it’s clearly just the start. There are many ways we think that this tool might be useful inside our product portfolio – whether it’s to help create reliable and efficient workflows or make RFQ’s with many standards references more penetrable. Before that – we, Authentise as well as partners such as ASTM, naturally need to understand the technology’s opportunities and limits; we know that GPT algorithms sometimes hallucinate, for instance. Releasing this at TCT360, an event which epitomizes knowledge sharing, will help us understand how people will and want to use 3D GPT.”

Innovate UK supported the development of 3D GPT through SAMRCD. Visit Authentise at the Smart Factory Expo, part of Manufacturing + Engineering week in Birmingham, UK, held in conjunction with TCT360 on June 7-8 (Booth IA34; Innovation Alley) to find out more.

Find out more about Authentise at authentise.com.

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