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Bambu Lab: Fault in the cloud led to uncontrolled 3D prints at night

On the morning of August 15, many users of Bambu Lab 3D printers were astonished: Their devices had printed unexpectedly and seemingly without intervention overnight. The results ranged from duplicates of previous projects to defective models and partially damaged 3D printers.

A tweet from 3D expert NERO 3D shows the confusion in the community: “A bit worrying. I have no idea how the system is built since it is proprietary closed source code. But it seems that a glitch in the Bambu Lab cloud service caused many printers to simply start printing last night.”

Bambu Lab has since commented on the incident. It has been confirmed that there was a disruption in the cloud service. This interruption may have been responsible for sending the same print command to the devices multiple times, triggering the uncontrolled printing. Bambu Lab expressed remorse for the inconvenience and stressed that customers who suffered damage from this incident should contact the company’s support.

Many are now wondering how safe their 3D printers are. Some users have already indicated that they only power their devices when they actually want to print to avoid such unforeseen situations. This incident underscores the need to constantly review and update security protocols and systems to ensure the protection and reliability of Internet-connected devices.

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