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Bitbybit.dev presents online platform for parametric 3D design

Lithuanian company Bitbybit.dev has launched a new online platform for parametric 3D design. In contrast to conventional, static 3D models, the platform provides access to a constantly growing library of procedural 3D models.

These can be edited using both intuitive configurators and powerful parametric editors. Users can manipulate critical variables with simple inputs, whereupon the 3D model adapts automatically. Export options in common formats are also available.

According to Bitbybit.dev, the parametric editors allow multiple models to be edited and scripted in a single interface for the first time. This should significantly simplify the design process. In addition, created models can be hosted on the provider’s servers and easily integrated into your own projects.

CEO Matas Ubarevičius sees the platform as a game changer for the democratization of parametric 3D design. The open approach allows users with different levels of knowledge to create their own configurators, simulations or even websites.

Bitbybit.dev thus addresses beginners in particular and, according to Ubarevičius, fulfills the aim of making parametric 3D design easily accessible. The platform is now available at bitbybit.dev.

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