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CADchat: Digital workspace solution for end-to-end product development processes

The company CADchat has introduced a new, cloud-enabled platform for digital working in product development. The software is designed to provide teams with an end-to-end collaborative environment for design, meetings and project management.

The CADchat solution integrates numerous functions for efficient collaboration: immersive audio/video meetings with virtual avatars, interactive product reviews including pinning of 3D model comments and secure central management for communication, documents and development data.

Although common solutions such as Teams, Slack or Dropbox offer individual collaboration functions, they cannot replace a comprehensive digital working environment for product development. CADchat addresses this gap by consolidating and integrating all work steps on a central platform.

Close integration with CAD tools

Unlike pure meeting solutions, all interactions and decisions are logged in CADchat to enable a continuous workflow. In addition, common CAD programs such as Fusion or SOLIDWORKS can be seamlessly integrated into the environment, meaning that design data is always available in context.

According to CADchat, a customer such as GE Vernova was able to reduce the development time for parts and tools from two to three months to just one to two weeks thanks to CADchat – an increase in efficiency of over 90 percent.

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