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CIPRES Introduces Industrial „sm@rt e-coloring“ System for SLS Plastic Parts

Laser sintered parts show their true colors: Plastic parts become manifold with „e-coloring”. SLS users can expand their service portfolio with this industrial system. It is a service that CIPRES has offered for a decade. In response to the rising demand for colored laser sintered parts in small series production, CIPRES will start selling „sm@rt e-coloring” systems in 2016.

The modular coloring system operates fully automatically. Each coloring unit is equipped with an intelligent control system, a „sm@rt e-coloring unit”. Intensive cleaning of the blanks before and after coloring guarantees reproducible consistent coloring. An uncomplicated fast color changing and efficient production were the main criteria for the design of the system. The ability to operate multiple color units simul- taneously was also key. CIPRES developed its „sm@rt e-coloring” system with sus- tainability and efficient use of power and water in mind to keep costs low for series production. CIPRES also offers comprehensive service and training packages for high- quality coloring of laser sintered parts.

e-coloring_bracelete_IMG_3124c_800The proven “e-coloring” lets the color penetrate deeply into the plastic part. Instead of being applied onto the sintered part, the dye penetrates the material, meaning the part’s geometric, mechanical and thermal properties remain unchanged while at the same time achieving absolutely uniform color coverage. The color is lightfast as well as water, UV and abrasion resistant. It can also stand up to sweat, which is important for eyeglasses and jewelry and results in excellent skin compatibility. At the highest quality level, even strong cleaning agents will not flush out the colors.

Since 2004, CIPRES has used laser sintering to produce small series, functional parts and prototypes made of plastic. In 2006, „e-coloring” was introduced as the first high- quality process for the subsequent coloring of plastic parts. Thanks to its experience, CIPRES Technology Systems is a sought-after partner who helps companies enter the world of 3D laser production, optimize existing laser sintering systems and design components made of plastic.

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