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Clemson University: US researcher optimizes metal 3D printing for industry

Clemson University materials scientist Shunyu Liu is working to improve additive manufacturing technologies for metals. Her research could give the U.S. industry a boost, according to a report from the university.

Using computer simulations and real-world tests, Liu aims to make 3D-printed metal parts stronger and more defect-free, according to Clemson University. In doing so, she said, she is driving developments in manufacturing technology and shaping future skilled workers.

Her doctoral student, Som Dixit, said Liu is working on one of the most exciting research fields at the moment. In a new project called HI-RAM, the team is combining 3D printing with a type of hot rolling during printing. This is said to make the metal parts more durable.

According to Liu, the process has great potential to transform industry. Industries such as automotive and aerospace could especially benefit. The researcher is also working with universities and companies to train specialists in 3D printing.

Liu has been working on additive manufacturing for about ten years. At Clemson University, she can now further develop the technologies together with students. Her goal is to push the boundaries of metal 3D printing and strengthen the USA as a production location.

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