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CNC World shows Massivit 3D’s 5000 and 10000-G in Action

CNC World Ltd. announces an open house event to showcase its impressive Massivit 5000 and 10000-G additive manufacturing (AM) systems. As the UK distributor for Massivit 3D, CNC World will offer interested parties a free look at the power of these machines in the production of large parts and molds.

Jordan Rowe, Sales Manager at CNC World says, “The headlines are amazing. The Massivit 5000 & 10000-G can print industrial custom components up to 30 times faster than traditional production technologies. For companies wanting to use composite materials, the 10000-G is a real game changer speeding up mould production for composites hugely. The Open House we are running at CNC World will give attendees, especially those from the automotive, rail, marine, theming and entertainment, and education and research sectors a unique opportunity to take part in software workshops, to see the technologies in action at close quarters, and to see full scale samples which illuminates just what is possible when integrating large scale AM into production workflows.”

The Massivit 5000 uses unique Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology to enable large-scale, high-speed 3D printing. The Massivit 10000-G, part of the Cast In Motion product line, enables digital production of complex shapes for a variety of industries. A special feature of the 10000-G is the use of Massivit 3D’s dimengel photopolymer materials.

Rowe continues, “We are really excited to give attendees at our Open House access to the Massivit 5000 and 10000-G, and feel sure that when they see the versatility of the machines and the quality of the parts produced, they will become aware of the potential that exists through the use of large-scale AM machines for industrial production applications. The Massivit 10000-G in particular is poised to completely disrupt the area of composite manufacturing, and has the ability to stimulate the production of truly innovative and hitherto impossible complex composite parts quickly and cost-effectively.”

Massivit 3D’s proprietary Cast in Motion technology enables the production of composite molds that are lighter and more complex than traditional mandrels. This opens new design possibilities and leads to faster production of more innovative composite parts.

Interested parties are invited to attend the CNC World Open Days and experience Massivit technologies firsthand. Registrations can be made here.

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