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Cooperation of Tsinghua University and Lithoz GmbH

In the course of the “Austrian Journey into the Future of Nanotechnology“ to China at the beginning of September 2015 Lithoz m the first important step on the way to establishing the LCM-Technology in China.

In the presence of Professor Zhangzhengjun, Professor Panwei and Professor Liuwei and Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz, a cooperation agreement between Tsinghua University, Department for Material Sciences and Engineering in Bejing and Lithoz was signed. Tsinghua University is shortly going to start operating its first CeraFab of the Austrian company and it is going to open up the Chinese market to the Additive Manufacturing of high-performance ceramics.

Tsinghua University is one of the most important institutions for the promotion of talent and scientific research in China. The Department for Material Sciences and Engineering of Tsinghua University was founded in 1988 and has several top-class laboratories, e.g. the State Key Laboratory for New Ceramics and the Key Laboratory for Advanced.

Professor James Shen and Professor Zhipeng Xie are going to take over the technical managment of the new technology. Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz says,

“We are very proud about our cooperation with Tsinghua University, the most important University in China and we look forward to working together successfully in the future. Professor Xie and Prof. Shen will contribute considerably to establish Additive Manufacturing of ceramics in China and support the industry with the implementation of the new technology.“

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