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Custom Aerospace joins Roboze 3D Parts Network

CUSTOM AEROSPACE, a specialist provider of components for extreme environments, becomes part of the global ROBOZE 3D Parts Network. The goal is to provide customers worldwide with access to advanced ROBOZE 3D printing solutions and services. CUSTOM AEROSPACE and ROBOZE are thus expanding the availability of AS9100, 3D components.

Florida-based CUSTOM AEROSPACE relies on advanced 3D printing solutions to provide access to additively manufactured components for aerospace companies. CUSTOM AEROSPACE’s multidisciplinary team manages the entire component qualification and certification process.

Through its partnership with ROBOZE, CUSTOM AEROSPACE is expected to offer customers the benefits of additive manufacturing through the use of superpolymer and composite parts.

Evan Cramer, CEO of CUSTOM AEROSPACE, shares the company’s excitement about this new venture: “Our inclusion in the ROBOZE 3D PARTS network signifies an essential step towards meeting the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industries. Through our partnership with ROBOZE, we can provide a wider range of certified components, thereby reducing lead times and increasing operational efficiency for our customers.”

Francesco Pantaleone, EVP Business Development at ROBOZE says, “We are delighted to welcome CUSTOM AEROSPACE to our Network. The fusion of CUSTOM AEROSPACE’s expertise with our technology will undoubtedly drive the qualification of additively manufactured aerospace parts. This alliance will promote the production of stronger, more durable, and temperature-resistant components, offering a significant boost to flight-worthy parts, beyond the non-structural interior parts currently available.”

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