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DSB Technologies announces Metal 3D Printing Prototyping Service

DSB Technologies, a global leader in powder metal component manufacturing, announced the launch of its Metal Binder Jetting prototyping services.

As a result, customers can take advantage of the speed and cost-effectiveness of Metal Binder Jetting to iterate designs more efficiently than with traditional metalworking processes.

“DSB views this prototyping program as an important stride to educating the marketplace on the capabilities of the metal binder jet technology and helping grow product application opportunities,” said Paul Hauck, DSB Technologies Chief Operating Officer. “We are broadening access to DSB’s experienced and knowledgeable 3D printing design and process engineers for customers seeking to prototype and iterate their metal part designs.”

Metal Binder Jetting, a metal-based additive manufacturing process, offers fast print speeds and a high degree of design freedom for metal parts. DSB Technologies is looking to industrialize the Metal Binder Jetting process for volume production by adding this 3D printing prototyping capability to its technology portfolio.

With a print-ready solid model, customers can design and print Metal Binder Jetting prototypes within the following specifications:

  • Prototypes in two weeks or less: maximum part size of 6-inch cubes of 17-4 PH stainless steel.
  • Prototype in four weeks or less: maximum part size of 2-inch cubes in 316L stainless steel, M2 tool steel and 4140 steel

DSB Technologies has extensive high-temperature sintering capabilities and part manufacturing expertise to drive the industrialization of metal bond shot peening.

Through DSB Technologies’ prototyping service, customers can leverage a collaborative partnership to more efficiently develop, design and iterate metal binder jetting applications.

Find out more about DSB Technologies at dsbtech.com.

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