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Dual-Filter Solder Fume Extractor: 3D printing open source model protects against harmful substances

A maker with the user name HugoWhite recently published a clever model for a soldering fume extraction system on the Printables platform. The multi-part housing filter set is designed to protect against harmful particles when soldering.

According to the developer, two filter types are used in the 3D printed model: a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. In combination, they are designed to reliably filter or adsorb pollutants from the air during the soldering process.

The model has been specially designed for a 120 mm fan, has its own PWM control and an on/off switch. It can be operated either via 12V DC or 230V AC. A suitable holder for 125mm aluminum hoses is attached to the housing outlet to direct the exhaust air.

According to the published design proposal, no support structures are required for the pressure of the housing. All components such as the fan, filter and electronics should also be easily accessible, which simplifies maintenance and repairs.

All in all, the concept appears to be well thought out and practical. The model files can be downloaded from Printables. There you will also find a list of parts required for assembly as well as video instructions.

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