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Dyndrite and Impossible Objects unveil software for new high-speed CBAM 25 process

Dyndrite, provider of the Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) and Application Development Kit (ADK), today announced that Impossible Objects, a 3D printer and materials company, is using Dyndrite’s ADK software to power its new high-speed composite-based additive manufacturing (CBAM) 25 process.

The CBAM 25 process represents a breakthrough in end-user AM production and is 15 times faster than other AM processes. CBAM uses roll-fed inkjet technology that enables continuous print speeds of nearly 11,000 cc/hr of printed parts per hour.

“Impossible Objects pioneered the CBAM process, bringing an unprecedented level of part durability to additive manufacturing. Our new CBAM 25 process now operates fifteen times faster than the nearest competitor, while delivering the superior material properties required for industrial-grade end-use parts, said Robert Swartz Founder and Chairman of the Board at Impossible Objects. “For a speed comparison, this is the difference between the fastest human and a Formula 1 car in covering a mile. This achievement is not only a great feat for Impossible Objects, but for our industry – it moves 3D printing into a new category of volume manufacturing.”

Impossible Objects “Rules-based Automated Masking Packing and Slicing” (on-RAMP) software, powered by Dyndrite, integrates Dyndrite’s GPU-accelerated, Python-based Accelerated Computation Engine. The CBAM software provides an easy-to-use user interface and automated CAD-to-print workflows. With Dyndrite, Impossible Objects has created an automated CAD-to-print workflow with a build time ten times faster than before, a 90 percent reduction in manual labor, and a 20 percent improvement in build block utilization.

“Dyndrite was the perfect partner for supplying software to match our new high speed process,” continued Robert Swartz. “Their team and software augmented our own internal team enabling us to focus on what differentiates us, and keep our IP internal while leveraging their powerful ADK toolsets. The result is a high performance hardware, software and materials solution that puts automated durable end-use AM part production in the hands of users worldwide.”

“CBAM 25 and Dyndrite is an example of next generation solutions emerging that provide engineers new capabilities at speed,” said Harshil Goel, CEO and Founder, Dyndrite. “We’re delighted to continue our work with the fantastic Impossible Objects team, giving them superpowers to focus on what makes their machine special.”

Impossible Objects will showcase the CBAM 25 at RAPID +TCT in Chicago, May 2-5, 2023, in booth #4024. CBAM 25 machines will be available in early 2024. The Dyndrite software is compatible with all existing CBAM machines.

Find out more about Dyndrite at dyndrite.com.

For more information about Impossible Objects, please visit impossible-objects.com.

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