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EnvisionTEC Reveals The Composite SLCOM 1 3D Printer

At this year’s Rapid not only HP reveals new 3D printers but also one of the industry’s giants, EnvisonTEC, released their new SLCOM 1.

Instead of using DLP technology, which many of EnvisionTEC’s machines use, the SLCOM 1 uses Selective Lamination Composite Object Manufacturing (SLCOM). Lamination technologies are used in the field of 3D printing since the early days. It allows to use materials that can’t be used with DLP, SLS, SLA or other 3D printing technologies.

Al Siblani, CEO of EnvisionTEC:

“We are proud to introduce the first disruptive industrial-scale, composites 3D printer. This represents a paradigm shift for manufacturing, especially where demanding mechanical and environmental properties can only be delivered from woven composites.”

These materials can be woven glass fiber, woven carbon fiber, or other woven aramid fibers reinforced with a choice of Nylon 6, Nylon 11, Nylon 12, Peek, Pekk, Polycarbonate, and many others. These allow users to choose the mechanical properties of the objects more precisely.

The SLCOM 1 gives you a build volume of 24″x30″ with a hight of 24″, roughly 61x76x61cm and allows you to use materials direct from a roll.

“It is exciting to consider the extensive range of new applications that the SLCOM 3D printing technology will open up. EnvisionTEC has long been a pioneer in 3D printing innovations and we believe that this entry into the composites space will propel industrial 3D printing to a host of new applications”

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