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EOS integrates AMAIZE AI solution from 1000 Kelvin to increase productivity

The start-up 1000 Kelvin has announced a cooperation with the 3D printer manufacturer EOS. The company is integrating its AI platform AMAIZE into the EOS software suite to significantly optimize industrial manufacturing processes.

The core element of the collaboration is the deep integration of AMAIZE functions. This will allow customers to validate and optimize designs and product specifications with AI support in the future. The aim is to achieve cost savings of up to 80% and significantly accelerated time-to-market times for 3D-printed components.

The European contract manufacturing company FKM, one of the first users of the integrated solution, provides a practical example. Managing Director Matthias Henkel told trade media about significant quality improvements and engineering successes thanks to the predictive capabilities of AMAIZE.

For Martin Steuer, SVP Software at EOS, cloud AI integration offers a paradigm shift from physical iteration loops to digital prototyping – an important step towards the industrialization of 3D printing. In particular, the cyber security and openness of the EOS platform to third-party providers should be highlighted as progressive.

1000 Kelvin CEO Omar Fergani also emphasizes the importance of the open EOS architecture, which has enabled his developers to seamlessly intervene in integrated customer workflows with the EOSPRINT API. EOS users can now purchase the AMAIZE solution directly from 1000 Kelvin.

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