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Fiberpunk introduces “Node” to add WiFi and accessories to Creality Ender 3 printers

Fiberpunk’s Node is a way to add WiFi and accessories to Creality Ender 3 printers (V1, V2) and consists of an ESP-32 based board with open-source firmware, an OLED display, and a unique SD bridge that makes print faster and more reliable.

While FDM and resin 3D printers have made great strides, especially in the under $2000 category, many printers are still using outdated or inefficient electronics and often lack even essential wireless network functions. This led to the development of Node, which promises an easy to install, robust to use, and affordable solution. Fiberpunk, founded in 2019, also sees Node as a gateway to add more intelligent functions to 3D printers, including machine vision for fault detection, closed-loop feedback control, and other peripherals. 

Node’s Features (according to the manufacturer):

  • Easy to install
  • VESP32 based board that boots instantly
  • Unique dual UART + SDIO connection to printer design allows faster and more reliable data transfer to a printer via SDIO while control and information are still sent via UART.
  • Enables an easy way  to transfer files and monitor progress including an email notification alert
  • Highly expandable with a complete set of I/O ports. A filament sensor add-on will be released with Node. 
  • Includes a fleet management software that can run locally without the need to log into a cloud server
  • Based on an open-source firmware to customize for potentially other types of equipment like CNC machines.

Why does Fiberpunk only focus only on the Creality Ender 3?

“The biggest challenge for making any type of electronics for 3D printers is the myriad of control boards, electronic controls, firmware versions. To create the best user experience and printer compatibility, we narrow our focus to the best-selling printer line Creality Ender 3 V1 and V2.  It does not mean Node is only compatible with those three printers. We have also tested Neptune 2, Ender 5, and we expect to make Node compatible with more printers. We already have print success using Node on Prusa MK3S at the time of writing, and we expect to create a Node Prusa Edition.” so, Fiberpunk .

Node is available starting from USD 30.

(c) Picture & Link: www.fiber-punk.com

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