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Fictiv presents AI assistant for material selection in additive manufacturing

The US company Fictiv, which specializes in digital manufacturing services, has introduced an AI-based assistant called Materials.AI. This is designed to support engineers in selecting materials for additive manufacturing processes.

According to Fictiv manager Chris Lippi, engineers often struggle to select the most suitable material for their application: “The rapid advances in materials science and manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing can be confusing and time-consuming.”

This is where Materials.AI comes in, based on the AI software ChatGPT from the provider OpenAI. The assistant is integrated into the Fictiv platform and has been trained with extensive data and information about the materials and manufacturing processes offered there.

Users can ask Materials.AI specific questions about the choice of materials for their components. According to Fictiv, they quickly receive well-founded decision-making aids: “We are thrilled to be able to use groundbreaking advances in AI and our constantly growing data set to offer our customers even better services,” says Lippi.

In addition to Materials.AI, Fictiv has also integrated other AI-based assistants for additive manufacturing into its platform – for example for preparing quotations or optimizing designs. In this way, the company aims to further democratize access to critical manufacturing expertise.

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