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FLEKS3D Build-Plate Back on Kickstarter

After selling over 10,000 units in 70 countries world-wide, we are back with a Kickstarter campaign to restock inventory. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, and Stockholm, Sweden, we have committed ourselves to making 3d printer plates more effective and user-friendly.

The bendable technology of Fleks3d build plates allows users to remove prints quickly and effectively, without fear of accidentally breaking them in the process. Our plates are an excellent resource for people from all levels of experience with 3d printing; The simplicity and effectiveness of our design allows for a straightforward mess-free process.

With Fleks3d there is no more need for blue tape or scraping, leaving you plenty of time to focus on your vision! The plates are sturdy and pliable, and are ideal for print iterations as someone perfects their process.

In developing our plates, we have taken into account the printers available on the market, and the common issues experienced by users with other brands of build plates. For one, we have designed the Fleks3d plate to include one textured side, which allows the filament to grip quickly and build a solid foundation for your work. They are also made of thermoset plastic, making them at once flexible and durable.  Simply bend the plate, and your design pops off! Even after three years, our first plates are in excellent condition.

We have a variety of plate sizes available, from as small as 4.5×4.5” to 20×20”. Don’t see a size that exactly fits your printer bed? No problem! All of our ‘simple’ options come with a complementary set of clips to secure the plate to your bed while you print, or you can use double sided tape to the same effect. Additionally, altering a Flek3d plate is straightforward: use a CNC or band saw to cut the plate to your preferred dimensions!

Fleks3d products are manufactured in, and shipped from the United States. Our most popular sizes are: 6″ by 6″, medium 8″ by 8″ and large is 10″ by 10″ inch. (In European that is: Small 152mm by 153mm, Medium 204mm by 204mm and large 254mm by 254mm.)  For MakerBot, we have created custom FLEKS3D™ plates fine-tuned to their specific printers. These are available for Replicator 2.

Our sales speak for themselves: we founded the company after a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, and are back by popular demand. We are confident in the quality and simplicity of our product, and we welcome and questions from those who are considering joining our community!

By Fiona Collins

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