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Formfutura Launched Unique New 3D Print Filament

Dutch 3D printing material developer and manufacturer has recently launched another extraordinary filament to their portfolio, releasing Centaur PP. 

Centaur PP is a lightweight polypropylene (PP) filament, with a material density of 0.9 g/cc, and is engineered to have excellent interlayer adhesion and mechanical properties. Besides that the Centaur PP filament has a very high chemical resistance and a shore hardness of D50 with improved wear-, abrasion- and fatigue resistance, but does still have great elastic properties. This extraordinary filament can be stretched up to >600% before it breaks.

Watertight printing has never been this easy. With only single wall prints it’s possible to achieve a watertight object. The Centaur PP filament is also food contact compliant with both the European Union and US regulations. This features, in combination with being both microwave and dishwasher safe, makes Centaur PP a very multi-functional and extremely diverse material which is suitable for numerous applications ranging from 3D printing dishwasher and microwave safe household articles to functional engineering objects with great endurance properties.

Small prints with the Centaur PP can be achieved on standard PP packaging tape, which is easily accessible. Large(r) objects can be printed on a unheated 2 mm or 3 mm PP plate which can be attached to the print bed of your printer.

Centaur PP is available through Formfutura’s website in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and comes in its natural colour. You’re able to purchase 500 gram of the Centaur PP filament with a price tag of € 34.45. If you’re triggered and willing to test this extraordinary filament it’s also possible to get a sample for € 4.12.

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