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Free 3D print model for Apple Vision Pro stand

iOS developer and technician Christian Selig has an interesting 3D model for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The slim stand is designed to hold the glasses upright and save space when they are not being worn.

According to the designer’s description, the motivation was to create a more compact storage option for the Vision Pro than the most commonly used original packaging. Until now, many users would store the expensive AR glasses in it provisionally.

His minimalist design is intended to replace this. The PLA filament model shown makes a well thought-out impression: there is space for the power supply and a cable holder at the bottom and a precisely fitting groove for the Vision Pro at the top.

According to the inventor, a 215 millimeter long rod made of wood or metal can be used instead of the printed base. This enables individual color coordination with your own furniture.

Selig is making the model available free of charge under a free license on the MakerWorld portal.

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