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How to create the perfect 3D-printed spoon

In a new video, YouTube channel Slant 3D addresses the question of how to design a spoon optimally for mass production via 3D printing. The seemingly simple shape of the spoon with its rounded spoon part and long handle is a challenge for many 3D printing processes.

According to Slant 3D, the stability and dimensional accuracy of the spoon handle over its entire length is key. To achieve this, he recommends a flat, faceted cross-section that lies flat on the back. The front edge should be slightly rounded to fit into the mouth. Angles of less than 35 degrees should be avoided for the overhang.

3D printing offers new design freedom for the spoon part itself. For example, Slant 3D suggests a type of scoop with closed side walls that prevents the spoon’s contents from slipping out. Alternatively, a traditional spoon profile can also be modeled and attached.

The real challenge lies in reliable and cost-efficient production. According to Slant 3D, the flat layer with a high level of adhesion makes it difficult to automatically demold the parts after printing. He therefore presents a solution in which the trays are built up in a vertical orientation on a kind of comb structure on the back. This enables easy demolding and a better surface structure.

Slant 3D thus impressively demonstrates the new possibilities that additive manufacturing offers for everyday objects. The model of the presented spoon can also be purchased for 3 US dollars at angled.xyz.

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