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HOYA Launches Yuniku, a Global First in Vision-centric, 3D Tailored Eyewear

HOYA Vision Care Company, a key player inthe global market for ophthalmic lenses, is proud to announce a global premiere: Yuniku,the world’s first 3D tailored eyewear that is designed entirely around theoptimalvision of the wearer. Yunikuis the result of a highly successful partnership with Materialise, leading provider of 3D printing software and services,and collaboration with Hoet design studio, pioneer in innovative eyewear designs. The 3D tailored eyewear, launched today, is a Silmod’Ornominee in the Equipment category at Silmo 2016 in Paris.

Regular frames and lenses can be customised only to a certain degree. The frame and fitting are a given, and lens parameters have to be adjusted to suit them, providing the best possible – though not always ideal – vision experience. Yuniku, by contrast, uses a revolutionary vision-centric approach. It begins by assessing the wearer’s visual needs and facial features. Advanced software calculates the ideal position of the lenses in relation to the eyes, and then designs the frame based on those unique parameters. 3D printing allows us to further tailor the frame according to the visual, comfort and aesthetic needs of the customer.

The range features an exclusive selection of frame designs, colours and finishes. These are complemented by a choice of a premium progressive, single vision or indoor lens solution.

“Yuniku is an exciting step forward in custom eyewear. By capitalising on advances in 3D printing technology, we have removed the limitations posed by traditional spectacles,” says Jon Warrick, Vice President Global Marketing. “For the first time, wearers can enjoy the ultimate in optical performance, without compromising on style or fit.”

“The greatest impact and reach comes from those few innovations that transform entire supply chains, introduce new business models, increase operational efficiency, and greatly improve customer experience. I am proud to say that Yuniku is a prime example of transformative innovation,” adds Alireza Parandian, Global Business Strategist – Wearables, Materialise.


“For us it was an obvious continuation of implementing 3D printing in eyewear design,” says Bieke, daughter of Patrick Hoet and director of the design office. “Yuniku refers to the unique facial anatomy of each person, but also to the unique design of the frame. The frame design is a very important factor to consider. After all, you don’t make a first impression twice!”

How does Yuniku work?
The Yuniku concept is fully integrated, ensuring seamless customisation, production and delivery. Customers are involved throughout, offering maximum opportunity to interact and create their own unique eyewear.

In store, the customer’s facial features are scanned and their visual needs are recorded. Based on the collected data, the optimal wearing parameters are defined and fixed and an automatic sizing recommendation for the frame is made. This ensures not only optimal vision but also the most comfortable frame fit, because each frame can be customised to suit every unique face.

Frame design, colour and finish can all be chosen to match the customer’s individual style. A virtual image of what the customer will look like in the selected eyewear is displayed on the screen, ensuring complete satisfaction with the end result.

Innovative technology on an open platform
Yuniku was developed in collaboration with the most qualified partners. The proprietary methods for lens optimisation and frame customisation, which make Yuniku such a transformative innovation, are described in pending patent applications. To design the base frame collection, HOYA and Materialise collaborated with Hoet design studio, well known for its bespoke Theo brand. As Yuniku is an open platform, further branded frames, from both Hoet and other designers, will be added to the collection.

Yu-ni-ku is Japanese for ‘unique’. It is actually the phonetic, Western spelling of the Japanese word for unique. It stands for dynamic, intuitive and innovative; for one of a kind. An innovative power that knows how to meet the needs of its time, allowing it to capture the collective unconsciousness.

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